Winter Shows Announced: Downtown Holiday Market, Creative Alliance, Glen Echo Swing night!


Hiya Friends!

It's almost December and I am loving this Fall-like weather we're having in Washington, DC! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. I wanted to drop a quick line because I have a variety of shows coming up that I thought you might be interested in and the next two are...
This Thursday, November 30th! 
For those of you ready to start celebrating the holidays with some festive music and holiday shopping, I'll be at the Downtown Holiday Market from noon-2, singing a mix of covers, originals, and holiday tunes amongst the artisans! This is one of my favorite gigs of the year and I always find really unique holiday gifts here so I'd highly recommend coming by on your lunch break! 
Later that night...
If you're more interested in the state of politics and the world, you can catch me up in Baltimore at the Creative Alliance later that night at the illustrious Seth Kibel's CD release party for his new album Songs of Snark and Despair. I'm very proud to have been a part of this album and I'm excited to sing these songs (plus a couple of extras) live with a fantastic full band! There are a bunch of DC heavy hitters on this bill so come on out to hear David Kitchen, Jenny Langer (Black Betty), Billy Coulter, Chris Urquiaga and me on vox as well as Seth, Sean Lane, Russ Rodgers, Steve Steckler, and Wes Rodgers on a variety of instruments. If you have friends in the Baltimore area, please feel free to share this with them! Show starts at 7:30 and here's a link to the Facebook event:
If you're busy Thursday and dancing is more your thing anyway, I've got a December show coming up that might strike your fancy! I'll be joining Seth Kibel and friends for a night of Swing at Glen Echo on Saturday, Dec. 9th at 8 PM. This is a super fun gig (I've never sung there but I've gone for a dance lesson once before) and a dance lesson is included with your ticket so come on out, learn the basics, and stick around for the open dance floor to show off your new skills. What? You already know how to swing dance? Then come on out and show us how it's done! Here's the Facebook event:
I'll also be back at the Holiday Market for one more show on Friday Dec. 15th from 2:30-4:30 so leave work early and come hang with me while you get your holiday shopping finished up!
Alright friends, thanks for reading this far! Again, happy holidays to all and I hope to see you at a Flo Show real soon!

Fall Update 2017!


Hey there, Friends!

Happy Fall! October has arrived and with it, my favorite weather! I hope you're enjoying some cool breezes and orange leaves wherever you may be! Between my performance at the Lincoln Theatre for Labor Day and my first ever signed (ASL) show at Takoma Park Folk Festival, my Fall has started off with a bang!
I just wanted to send out a quick email to let you know what's on the horizon! Starting tomorrow, there are outdoor shows on porches and arts markets; a Kids Radio Program out in Towson; CD release parties for Seth Kibel's amazing new resistance album "Songs of Snark & Despair" at Bethesda Blues & Jazz as well as Creative Alliance of Baltimore; and I'll even be singing at Swing night at Glen Echo (dance lessons are included in the ticket price) - so there is literally something for everyone!
Please feel free to check out my calendar below to see more details about any of the events I've just mentioned. I have 2 free outdoor shows this week (one tomorrow in Crystal City and the other Saturday in Adams Morgan for Porch Fest) and you can buy tickets to attend the Kids Radio Show out in Towson if you're looking for something to do Saturday Oct. 14! I'll be performing there with Seth Kibel and Sean Lane!
Still reading? Thanks! Here are some new links to press and videos - if you like the tunes, please give them a thumbs on Youtube and feel free to share them with you friends!
Interview with the Sentinel about new song "Man." after Takoma Park Festival Performance:
Review of Labor Day Weekend Festival at the Lincoln Theatre: 
NEW VIDEOS (shot by John Sample)!
Sunday Kind of Love @ Lincoln Theatre:
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To @ Lincoln Theatre:
That's all for now, folks! Hope to see you soon!

Happy Easter from the Cherry blossom Fest Upcoming show at WOLF TRAP!!!


Happy Easter Everyone!!! I just finished playing a show at the ever so lovely National Cherry Blossom Festival. The cherry trees were at peak bloom and the crowd was fantastic. Now I'm gearing up for my debut show at the Barns of Wolf Trap!!! I'll be playing on Saturday April 9th as part of a Bandhouse Gigs Tribute to Randy Newman and I could not be more excited!!! Tickets are selling fast so if you want to come celebrate with me, make sure to grab your ticket soon! Hope to see you there, Flo 


On Tap Article!

Hey Guys! Before the print edition disappears, I just wanted to give a shout out to Monica Boland at On Tap Magazine for doing a really sweet feature on my music in the April edition! It's a pretty popular magazine in DC so I am honored to have a page in it! If you can find a print edition at your local bar/restaurant/club, you can check out the online version here: Much thanks also to Jose Burgos for taking the picture!

Poster for IOTA

2 WAMMY Nominations!!

Hey Guys, I just learned that I've been nominated for 2 WAMMIES (Washington Area Music Awards) - one for Pop Rock Vocalist of the Year and one for Music Video of the Year! I'm super excited to be on the ballot - it's my first time - and would love it if you could spread the word! Only WAMA members can vote (instructions on how to join are linked on the ballot, if you're interested) and voting goes until February 5th. Thanks so much for checking it out!

Vote for me to play the 9:30 Club!

Hey Guys! I'm in a contest to play the 9:30 Club as part of DC Week and I need your help! Please cast 3 votes for Flo Anito! How you ask? 1)copy & pate this link: 2)Hit "Vote" to the left of my name and under the total vote tally (this brings up the option to cast 1 vote, 2 vote, or 3 votes) 3)Enter a valid email address and nick name or log in via fb, google, etc 4)Hit "3 Votes" 5)Optional - Leave a comment (cuz it's good to let them know real people who'd actually like to see me play are voting), tell your friends! You can only cast 3 votes per email address so please make sure to hit that "vote" button and the "3 votes" option to optimize your voting! Thanks so much for your support! Voting goes til oct. 24 and last year the top 10 got to play. Right now I'm in 8th...


Yay!!!!! This is super exciting! OurStage is a bit like Pandora for indie musicians but it's also cool in that there's this competitive aspect of the site where you can enter 3 songs/videos in different channels a month. Once you've entered a channel competition, listeners get to judge songs head to head or 4 at a time and vote for their favorites! I entered Uh Oh in the Pop Video Channel and it did well enough to qualify for the overall Video Finals. From there it went on to actually WIN!!!! I still can't believe it :) This is definitely the biggest competition I've ever won - it's international and I think about 2000 videos were entered across the channels so yay!! and THANK YOU to all of you OurStage members who voted - I really appreciate it - and all who helped out with the video. For anyone who might not now, we shot the video at the Capitol City Diner in DC and it was directed by Francisco Campos-Lopez. You can see more credits for people who helped out on my links page!

Washington Post Express Top Spot!

I emailed Dave Mann the other day to thank him for organizing the Sweet Tea Fest and he gave me some pretty cool news. The Washington Post Express had chosen the Sweet Tea Fest as the Top Stop for the weekend. The spot was a really nice shout-out and they stuck a picture of me in for good measure :) I can't seem to link to the print edition but you can read what the article said by clicking on the press icon. Weehaw!

Deli Magazine Interview!

Back in April, I was voted the Artist of the Month for DC/Baltimore on Deli Magazine. They sent me a follow up interview which was just posted. I hope you can check it out! Thanks, Flo

I'm the May Spotlight Artist on the Indie Channel!

Hey Guys, I just found out that I'm the May Spotlight Artist for the Indie Channel. They have my video featured so if you feel like it, drop by and leave a comment! Muchas gracias!

Interviews with Aj&dbs plus We Love DC!

Hey Guys, Aj&dbs and We Love DC just posted interviews with me about my music! You can check out the Aj & dbs one here: and the We Love DC one here: Much thanks! Flo

Athenaeum Show to air on Comcast!

Hey All, I had a great time playing the Athenaeum in Old Town Alexandria the other night. If you missed the show, don't you worry - you can still check it out on one of the Virginia local access stations cuz a lovely gent named Rodney was there taping the show! I'll let you know when and how to watch as soon as I know!

Lot of Press in LA!

Much thanks to Will Engler at the LA Examiner for giving me some great press these last few week. Check out my press section to see his latest interview with me - it's in 4 parts so get ready to read ;)

Deli Magazine's Artist of the Month!

Hey Guys, Thanks so much to all who voted for me in the Deli Magazine Contest. Thanks to you, I am Deli Magazine's Artist of the Month for April!!!! You can check it out here - My face and name are up at the top of the page - weehaw!

NYC TV Debut!

Guess what? I just made my first debut on NYC TV! I was featured in a promo for the National Cherry Blossom Festival that aired in Manhattan a few weeks ago! Sorry I didn't post this here earlier, I have to remember to post news here and not just on facebook. Note to self.... :)

Cherry Blossom Festival Commercial!

Thanks so much to all who let me know about the Cherry Blossom Festival commercial that showed me playing the festival! It was airing on mainstream TV in DC (during an episode of Cheers as well as a few other times, apparently). Much thanks to John S for letting me actually watch it too via his phone!

Chek out my new MUSIC VIDEO for Uh Oh!

Hey everybody! We had a great video release party at the Rock and Roll Hotel and my sister and i joined the other bands for a shopping spree in Toys For Tots with the proceeds last week. We picked up all sorts of toys that I'm thinking should make some kids smile and it was a perfect ending to a great production. OK maybe not a complete ending cuz I'm thinking we've got some sort of making the video in the works and I'll be putting together some sort of website for ya'll to check out that and photos from behind the scenes but... for now, here's the video!

Please vote ASAP! Uh Oh is a FINALIST for Cosmo Radio's Breaking the Band Contest!

Hey guys, awesome news :) My song Uh Oh is a finalist in the Cosmo Radio Breaking the Band Contest! If I get the most votes, Uh Oh will receive airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio's Cosmo Radio station! This is huge so please vote for flo! You can vote until midnight of August 30th - pass it on!

My first music video!!!

Hey guys, Earlier this month, I shot my first music video at the Capital City Diner in NE, DC aka the COOLEST diner in the entire world... Thank you Matt Ashburn! Francisco Campos Lopez directed, Greg Hess shot it, Nick Fitzhugh produced with the help of Neville Emmanuel, and many other awesome friends took time off to help in a variety of ways!!! We'll be holding a video release party with some other awesome local bands but for now... here's the teaser! Enjoy! BTW special props to Seema Khana (makeup), Kristen Penn (hair), and Stella Bonds (clothing)! Muchos abrazos friends!!!

i NEED your vote for the LILITH FAIR & 9:30 CLUB Competitions! Please help :)

Hola Amigos :) Happy May! I'm currently entered in 2 contests, one to play the Lilith Fair, the national female fronted festival, and one to play the 9:30 Club, one of DC's biggest music venues. Both of these contests hinge on your votes and I could really use your help so... here's how you can vote: 9:30 Club - This one's easy. All you have to do is click on this link and submit your vote. You can vote 3 times for me (you can do this in one swoop by just scrolling down your vote box. if you've already voted just once you can log back in again and vote up to 3 times for me) so please please please, vote 3x for flo by clicking down below! Lilith Fair - The voting process for Lilith is a little more complicated cuz it's run through If you're already an ourstage member, then the process is a little easier. I've entered "No Dustbunnies" into the competition and it's actually doing quite well! Last I checked I was in 29th for the entire region! I don't use this website a whole lot and I don't have the fan base others who use it regularly have so... I could really use your support. For those of you who are new to Ourstage, Voting is head to head or 4 at a time - you have to listen to 15 seconds of each song and vote on/rank which you like more. I know this sounds like a lot of work but I just learned that you can choose to make me your "favorite" artist and in doing this, my song should pop up much sooner than it might otherwise! Your favorite artist is guaranteed to pop in the first 20 every time you log in so if you're looking for the most efficient way to help me out, voting head to head should bring my song up quicker :) Just an idea... That said, here are some instructions on how to vote! If you are NEW TO OURSTAGE: -Register for OurStage by visiting -you can do this via your facebook info as well -You’ll receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration. Follow the link in that email to activate your account. -Once your account is activated, use the voting link below so you can skip to the right voting place: Judge / Lilith Fair Channels / Washington DC. To Vote: -Log In to OurStage by visiting with the Username and Password you just created. -You’ll see three tabs: (Charts, Judge, and Standings). Click on the “Judge” tab -As i said before, there are a couple of ways to vote. You can either compare and vote between 2 songs (Head-to-Head) or 4 songs (Sort 4) at a time. Select your preference in the Judging status box. -When “No Dustbunnies" shows up, please give it a great ranking and leave a comment so i can thank you personally! -You're allowed to vote as often as you like and voting will continue through May 22nd THANK YOU! I know this seems like a lot of work but if you can help me out, this would be a huge festival for me and I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate it. Likewise the 9:30 club is a venue I've only dreamed about playing thus far. You guys are the greatest and I know together we can do this so please help me try! Lots of Love, Flo

vote for flo!

a few months ago i filmed an episode of a new tv show called whw rocks. the premise of the show is that 4 musical acts compete for viewers' votes. the show aired on montgomery access channel 19 and is now available for viewing on please vote for me here: by clicking on the "flo anito" radio button. if i win for my episode, i get to perform on the final episode of the season! if you'd like to see my tv performance, click on episode 3, part 4. thanks so much! flo

Flo Videos!!!

hi all, a lovely gent from Germany made a video for "Man of the Year"! i think it's super cool - go check it out here: i'm also featured in a video on the National Association of Broadcasting's website this month. You can watch that one here: hope you can check em out and please leave a comment and rating on the youtube one, if you have a second :) thanks! flo

Uh Oh on the Artomatic 09 Compilation CD

hey guys, just found out my tune "Uh oh" made the Artomatic '09 Compilation cd. It's the second song on the first album - weehaw!

We Won the Contest!

Thanks to all who voted in the Radio Crystal Blue Radio contest! Thanks to you all, I won my bracket and came in second overall (pretty good considering the winner had a song on the biggest loser). Muchas Gracias! Flo

Radio Show: VOTE for FLO everyday til APRIL 22!

Hey Ya'll, I just found out I'm in a radio contest that starts today! This is a legit contest run by Radio Crystal Blue, an internet radio station that runs out of Brooklyn and has been spinning my tunes for a while now. I am in BRACKET 8 and each computer is allowed 1 VOTE PER DAY so if you could please go vote right now and EVERY DAY til April 23rd, I'm pretty sure I can win this thing! To vote just go to this link: scroll down to Bracket 8 and click on my Flo Anito radio button, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit Vote button. If you want to see how many votes everyone's collected, that should come on after you vote. Right now some chick in my bracket has got a leg up so let's catch her! You are welcome to check out the atists in the other brackets as well and vote in them but if you're short on time, i would REALLY appreciate you just checking in on the site each day when you're at work/home/school to vote for me as many times as you can. If you have a computer at home and at work, you can vote twice a day! I promise this takes about 3 seconds. thanks so much y Ciao, Flo

CD reviewed in On Tap Magazine!

check out the review of "No Dustbunnies" on p. 88 of july's "On Tap Magazine". You can also see it in my press section of the website, along with other reviews by Instrumental Analysis, the Acoustic District, and Nicci M!

best seller on digstation!

hey guys! i just went to and saw i was featured as a best seller - weehaw! this is definitely your doing, so MUCHAS GRACIAS!

New website is up and runnnnning!

weehaw! welcome to - hope you liiike (to be read in the voice of Borat)

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