Radio Show: VOTE for FLO everyday til APRIL 22!

Hey Ya'll, I just found out I'm in a radio contest that starts today! This is a legit contest run by Radio Crystal Blue, an internet radio station that runs out of Brooklyn and has been spinning my tunes for a while now. I am in BRACKET 8 and each computer is allowed 1 VOTE PER DAY so if you could please go vote right now and EVERY DAY til April 23rd, I'm pretty sure I can win this thing! To vote just go to this link: scroll down to Bracket 8 and click on my Flo Anito radio button, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit Vote button. If you want to see how many votes everyone's collected, that should come on after you vote. Right now some chick in my bracket has got a leg up so let's catch her! You are welcome to check out the atists in the other brackets as well and vote in them but if you're short on time, i would REALLY appreciate you just checking in on the site each day when you're at work/home/school to vote for me as many times as you can. If you have a computer at home and at work, you can vote twice a day! I promise this takes about 3 seconds. thanks so much y Ciao, Flo